E-Commerce in Thailand

E-commerce in ThailandSelling online in Thailand requires government approval for a number of reasons. This is what you need to know about selling in Thailand online and the conditions attached to it. In order to sell good online in Thailand you need permission from the Department of Business Development in Thailand.

Most websites of Thai companies doing business online requires that they display their registration number and certificate on their website. This law came into effect in 2003 as the government saw the need to increase e-commerce but to do so by introducing a “trust certificate” to give consumers confidence in purchasing online. By law, every website operating in Thailand needs to show their certificate to the consumer. The question remains as to who needs to register. The criteria are as follows:

  1. Those offering the sale of goods and services;
  2. Providing any form of Internet Services so all the local ISP’s need a certificate;
  3. Selling web-hosting in Thailand;
  4. Anyone providing an e-commerce trading system.

The registration fee is modest however the penalty for not registering is tough. The registration fee of 50 Baht or about USD12 is small compared to say the 100 Baht per day fine if you are caught. If you are looking at selling any goods or services in Thailand then speak to one of our attorneys to guide you around the registration process and internet options the applicability of the fee to your internet operation. Many expats in Pattaya decide to have a small online business and many do seek advice from our solicitors in Pattaya. As some might recall in Pattaya not too long ago when a large online business was shut down as it did not have the trading license needed to trade online.

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